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By now, we have all become accustomed to online charity campaigns. We all get at least 2 or 3 requests per week, and we're sometimes obliged to donate to each one of them.

Traditionally at Bonei Olam, we would do large fundraising events to raise money to help those who seek our assistance. But these trying times demand that we postpone large events, so for charities like ours this is the lifeline and difference needed to continue our vital services or shut down.

At some point during the first lockdown, we all felt somewhat lonely. As the months have gone by, and a new normal ensued, that fear, loneliness and panic have slowly dissipated too. However, please rewind to those early days in March 2020 and imagine those feelings multiplied by a magnitude of 10. For couples trying to start a family unsuccessfully, this is the feeling that follows them around 24/7/365. Our work at Bonei Olam is to alleviate that pain and hold their hands until they have a family of their own.

At Bonei Olam, our mantra has always been; Never should a couple not have children due to the lack of funds. Over the past 12 years and with your support, we've been able to change this for many. With your help, we have brought about the birth of 85 babies. But our work is not yet done.

Since the first lockdown, we've had many new calls for assistance and have opened 11 new cases for couples waiting to start their treatments. We need your support to answer these cries for help. Without your donation, however large or small we cannot continue.

So donate generously and please also consider setting up even a small but regular monthly donation.

Thank You!