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We are currently in the midst of the biggest Aliyah wave in 25 years, and we have 36 hours to make a difference. More ...

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The strong Zionist sentiment in the South African Jewish community is decades-old. Aliyah from South Africa began prior to the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. With the establishment of the State of Israel and the concerted attack on the fledgling state, it was no surprise when over 800 South African machalnikim (mitnadvei chutz la’aretz or overseas volunteers) headed to Israel to participate in the war effort.

Telfed (previously known as the South African Zionist Federation, Israel or “the Fed”) was established to support these young men and women and, over the past 74 years, Telfed has grown and evolved to meet the changing needs of the South African, Southern African and (since 2014) Australian Olim community.

We are currently in the midst of the biggest Aliyah wave in 25 years.

We are an integral partner to new and veteran Olim, supporting and guiding them to make their absorption and integration a success, and providing a sense of family, community and belonging as new Israeli citizens.

  • We care for 206 Lone Soldiers before, during and after their service.
  • We provide over 500 scholarships a year to students and Olim studying in Israel.
  • We subsidise 105 apartments in Israel to give Olim a home for their first few years of Aliyah.
  • We provide financial and emotional support to 450 Olim each month.
  • We welcome approximately 48 new South African Olim each month providing advice, information and support for their klita.
  • Career and employment counselling are available for new and veteran Olim

Every shekel counts and will be doubled.

Donate and help make Israel a home for new Olim.  

Donate on 14 - 15 September.

Help us make it happen.