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Over the past few years Ateres Bunois Seminary has bs"d been experiencing incredible growth. 

This year with over 60 new applications and only 38 spaces, many girls will be left without a Sem unless we expand. 

Imagine being the parent of one of 30+ girls receiving a letter: APPLICATION DENIED! Because a lack of space!

Additionally, our premises are terribly inadequate. With offices housing up to three staff members in an area of 3m2, all using one desk, the term cramped takes on a whole new meaning! 40+ Staff sharing minimal staffroom space affects teaching in a very real way. 

As the הנהלה we are left with no choice. We have to step up and take Achrayus. The plans include changing the layout of the existing building and constructing new space externally. We will be adding brand new classrooms, a new teachers room, building a new hall to serve as a canteen / assemblies for the whole sem,  as well as new 1to1 rooms etc.  

Your donation will make a huge difference. Your donation will provide another place for a future yiddishe mame to attend SEM next year. 

When you step up and take ACHRAYUS you are impacting KLALL YISROEL for generations to come! 

Your donation will create spaces in SEM for 30+ girls!

Donate now, You don’t have a moment to lose!