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Right now, at this very moment, you can change someone's life. Please donate to Aish of the Rockies today. More ...

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Aish of the Rockies: Fully Charged

Give the Gift of Judaism

Right now, at this very moment, you can change someone's life.

Please donate to Aish of the Rockies today.

With just a click you can give a Jewish soul the gift of a meaningful Jewish life. You can pave the way for the next step along someone’s personal path of growth and discovery. You can share the beautiful truth that each day presents a new opportunity to celebrate personal growth and a relationship with the Almighty.

Give the Gift of Connection to Jewish Community

Despite all the recent challenges, Aish of the Rockies is blazing a trail of connection by electrifying and sparking Jewish life. Every age is engaged, beginning with the young children and their families at the SITE Hebrew School and JOI with Rabbi Menachem and Sarah Lehrfield, then on to the Bnei Mitzvah in Ignite with Dov and Shoshana Ort, the teens in Empower and NCSY with Rabbi Yonatan Nuszen, and the community core at The Shul in Southeast Denver with Rabbi Menachem and Nechama Siderson. And with the expert guidance of Rabbi Yechiel Erlanger, our community has blossomed over the past three years, attracting more than 30 households to call Southeast Denver home, and he and his team continue to serve the emerging needs of community development every day.

At the helm, our beloved founders, Rabbi Yaakov and Chaya Meyer, ensure that each of us in the Aish community taps into the Aish hotspot of calm, growth, and inspiration for which Aish is known.

We are all Fully Charged! Being Fully Charged means that each of the outstanding facets of the organization are operating at capacity with a full battery of energy and vibrancy and as a growth minded community we are all boosted, each powered in our own way.

Please give to Aish of the Rockies today.

There is so much more work to be done. So many more souls to uplift. So many more people to welcome into our family.

Right here in Colorado, Jewish men and women seek ways to identify Jewishly and connect with community, a place where they can feel alive in their personal Jewish journey.

Because of you, the Aish programming born in Southeast Denver will continue to touch the lives of thousands in our region and continue to connect our brothers and sisters to a warm and vibrant Jewish community.

When you donate, you give Aish educators the FULL CHARGE to do what they do best: create a warm and welcoming community nurturing growth, connection, and long-lasting meaning.

Your contribution will help strengthen our core and regionalize our programming so that ultimately every Jew in the area has access to Aish's soul-nourishing hotspot.

Please Give Now

Make no mistake about it: None of these amazing outcomes are possible without donor generosity. Your gift is the spark that ignites the Aish flame.

The demand for Aish programming has never been greater. The challenges have never been fiercer. And your donation has never been more crucial.

Every dollar is DOUBLED

For 36 hours only

All gifts of $1000 and up are eligible for Colorado Child Care Tax Credit

Please open your heart and give today! We don't have a moment to lose.