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The stark reality is that if organisations like Aish UK are not fully supported and empowered today, thousands of young Jews across the UK will simply drift away from any meaningful affiliation and identification. It’s as simple as that. 

At a time of crisis, the response of Aish is constantly to double down on positivity, purpose and the inspiration of Jewish pride and connection.

Today and every day with renewed vigour and drive, Aish continues to engage with real, deep and lasting Jewish connection for thousands of Jews. Aish educational and social events are renowned for their creativity, freshness and innovation. As young Jews across schools, campuses and starting out in the workplace nationwide are faced with bleak choices, Aish is there for them all over, providing safe, inviting, relevant and positive opportunities and reasons to belong.

So many of these young Jews would otherwise simply drift away from any connection to our Jewish story.

If this was the case yesterday, then today the crucial work of Aish in responding to crisis with connection is all the more urgent and critical. We are living in fraught yet monumental times. Each of us is being called upon to step up and stretch out of our comfort zone at this time. 

If we solicited your help yesterday, then now we are asking for you to meet today’s crucial challenge with even greater generosity and commitment. 

At Aish we are appealing for you to donate generously today in order to ensure a proudly JewAish tomorrow. 

Please understand that it is our responsibility to ask and ask we have! Thank you so very much for whatever you are able to do. It is deeply appreciated by us all. Thank you 

With love and respect 

Each of us #Aish Team Proudly JewAish 2024.