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INVEST in our FUTURE and Theirs!! the future of young men seeking to stay connected to Torah and to Grow... More ...

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Invest in the future of young men seeking to stay connected to Torah and to advance in life.  
Ateret Yaakov is not just a yeshiva; it’s a place where young men can find their place, a home for so many who are the children of Anglo olim with their unique identity and challenges.  The Yeshiva provides a combination of classic Torah learning while encouraging vocational training, producing graduates who are ready to make their way in the world as well-adjusted members of Israeli society.
Ateret Yaakov provides the bachurim with a warm, accepting environment, allowing them to grow and to develop a deep, personal connection to their Judaism in their own individual way.  It’s a yeshiva uniquely attuned to each and every student, and dedicated to helping each boy grow. 
The Yeshiva continues to grow from year to year and the financial demands are great. We need your assistance. By donating to Ateret Yaacov, you become a partner in this holy and significant endeavor, sharing in its Torah and providing these outstanding young men with the opportunity to reach their full potential and to build beautiful Jewish homes.
Please donate today! We so appreciate your generous support!!