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Beis Chaya Rochel – Gateshead Jewish Academy for Girls

BCR – Beis Chaya Rochel is a Seminary for Orthodox Jewish girls aged between 16 – 20. It was established in July 1997 and opened its doors in Gateshead in September 1998 with 69 students.

Its aim is to educate and enthuse (a phrase borrowed from SEED) Jewish girls in the foundations and practice of Jewish living, at a standard commensurate to their post-school maturity.

The guiding spirit of the Seminary from its inception was Rabbi Matisyohu Salomon ZT''L and it was his emphasis on “practical application” of Shiurim that determined the emphasis of the lectures, both in subject material and style of delivery.

Being mindful of the truth that people will only absorb education where they are happy and feel cared for; the Seminary has laid careful emphasis on creating a positive and cheerful atmosphere throughout.

Afternoon Vocational Courses are given in collaboration with the Gateshead College – allowing our students to gain valuable Vocational Qualifications that will stand to their benefit when they enter the workplace.

Now – after reaching its 25th anniversary – and with 2500 satisfied Alumni – BCR is reaching out to its friends, supporters and Talmidos to raise £1 million which, with G-d’s help, will offer financial stability and the ability to continue its vital work into the future.

Rabbi A Katz – Principal.