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Kollel Erev  Beis Hamedrash Sinai

Kollel Erev in Beis Hamedrash Sinai started just over 3 years ago with encouragement from both The Rov and the Baal Habatim of the BeisHamedrash who wanted to further harbotzas horah for both Kollel yungerleit and give the ability for baal habatim to learn in a full beis hamedrash with a powerful Kol Torah.

From those humble beginning just three years ago the kolel has now grown to over 60 yungerleit and baal habatim regularly learning each night. The annual buget for the kollel is now over £120,000 a year!

The Kollel is led by Dayan Yonason Hool and R’ Avi Ratzersdorfer and is currently learning Maseches Beitza having completed Maseches Rosh Hashona and Soita. Regular chaburos are given by Dayan Hool to the lomdei hakollel.

As the kollel has grown the Roshei Kollel have also opened 2 further chaburos; the first learning Daf Hayomi B’iyun and recognizing the need in the kehilla to have somewhere where people can come and learn limudim which are not necessary ‘mainstream’ the other is a ‘Ma Shelibcha Chofetz’ chabura. This is especially helpful for melamdim and others in chinuch who use this opportunity to prepare lessons to give to their talmidim.

B’H the Kollel, with its brand new oitzer hasforim and a wonderful kol torah, has achieved its goal to become a place where yungerleit and baal habatim from across the kehilla come and learn in the beis hamedrash. With this 48-hour campaign, the kehilla now has the unique opportunity to enable us to continue to maintain and grow this outstanding mokom toirah.

Although until now the Kollel has largely been funded by generous members of the Beis Hamedrash, the rapid growth of the Kollel requires us to turn to the wider kehilla to join them in supporting the Kollel. The funds raised in this campaign will enable us to maintain and continue to grow this young, enthusiastic and growing kollel and expand further with more chaburos, more lomdim, more sedorim – lhagdil torah ul’hadirah!

We look forward to the support of the entire kehilla in assisting this budding project to flower into another beautiful mokom toirah Golders Green and the wider kehilla can be proud of!