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There is so much darkness in the world at the moment! this is a campaign about supporting PURE LIGHT. THE LIGHT OF TORAH

Borehamwood Kollel was Dayan Ehrentreu’s zt”l dream and creation when he established it in 2019.

His vision of a Mokom Torah was the establishment of a high quality Kollel in the heart of Borehamwood. To spread the Torah Ohr

Two years later, the Kollel has acquired a name as a premier centre of Torah that has had a major impact on the community. It has attracted avreichim metzuyanim learning with hasmodo at the highest level. The chabura is led by R' Yehuda Boruch Lieberman and has grown from the 10 yungeleit who moved to Borehamwood to 25 yungerleit living in Borehamwood and over 35 people learning in the Beis Medresh every day.

The Kollel has a direct focus on training the Avreichim, preparing them for when they leave the kollel so that they can serve as excellent Mechanchim, Rabonim Mekarvim and Marbitzey Torah. A new Torah community is establishing itself in an area which is  providing more affordable housing for young families.

The Kollel has now been operating for 4 years. It is becoming a hub for learning and a magnet for those seeking to grow in their Yiddishkeit. The Kollel programmes and 121 run throughout the week and have proved remarkably popular with adults and children alike.

Following his petira it is more important than ever to continue the Dayan's vision and to continue to grow the Kollel, increase the limmudim and have an ever greater Torah impact in Borehamwood and the surrounding areas.. It is YOUR support that will allow the LIGHT of TORAH to shine forth and dispel the darkness!

For the 36 hours of the campaign, your donation will be doubled!