Bais Medrash D'Marine Park
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Bais Medrash D’Marine Park was founded in the year 2011 by Rabbi Moshe Wise Shlita, a master mechanech for over two decades. The Yeshiva has a history of humble beginnings with a first-year enrollment of 3 bochurim. Today, Bais Medrash D’Marine Park numbers close to thirty bochurim from all over the United States and beyond with 11 years’ worth of proud alumni with a yeshiva for life.

  ​What was the vision for this Yeshiva? After being a successful Mesivta Rebbi for many years Rabbi Wise recognized a need for a post-high school Yeshiva where Talmidim can be given the utmost dedication and opportunity for growth on a very personal level. Where bochurim can create their own identity in a setting of Torah and Yiraas Shamayaim. After counseling several Mesivta Talmidim in their choice of Bais Medrash, this need became even greater in his eyes as he realized that not everyone benefits from the ordinary Yeshivos.  There were many boys who seemingly would benefit from an extraordinary Yeshiva. Under the guidance and encouragement of his father-in-law HaRav Yisroel Plutchok ZT”L and YBLC”T his Rebbi HaRav Elya Brudny Shlita, Bais Medrash D’Marine Park was born. 

  ​Enter the Bais Medrash of the recently purchased building and you will hear the most beautiful and rich Kol Torah. The Talmidim are lovingly taught and guided by a Hanhalla that consists of veteran Rebbeim and Mechanchim. Rabbi Yehoshua Wise recently joined as Mashgiach and he has been heard saying that he has never seen such a level of excitement in learning as he does in Bais Medrash D’Marine Park. Rabbi Simcha Geller, Rabbi Yehuda Schiff, Rabbi Mordechai Arazi, and Rabbi Avraham M. Rosenbloom each with their unique style in chinuch are the Rebbeim who mentor and guide the Talmidim daily. Although these wonderful and dedicated Masmidim learn 3 solid Sedarim a day, the lessons they learn are taken beyond the walls of Yeshiva. 

  ​With many bochurim coming from outside Brooklyn(Lakewood, Baltimore, and Detroit to name a few) Bais Medrash D’Marine Park has quite a full dorm to accommodate all Talmidim. The feelings of warmth and love are tangible and aid in forming strong and everlasting connections with the Hanhalla. 

​  Once a year the Talmidim and various alumni come together for a beautiful and uplifting retreat in the mountains. This is an opportunity for the Talmidei HaYeshiva to observe their Rebbeim in “real life” as well as an opportunity for them to be imbued with Ruchnius while taking in the fresh country air. 

​  Above all else, Bais Medrash D’Marine Park with tremendous Siyata Dishmaya continues to produce ehrliche Bnei Torah and Yirei Shamayim who go on to build mishpachos that are a tiferes to Klal Yisroel.

​  Bais Medrash D’Marine Park will be having a fundraising event on May 15-17. They need your help to continue their Avodas Hakodesh! Save the date and be sure to participate in the tremendous Mitzvah of Hachzakas HaTorah.