Bnos Chaya Pessel
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Bnos Chaya Pessel is a new girl’s school in Yerushalayim, geared for chutz la’aretz families in eretz yisroel. More ...

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Bnos Chaya Pessel is a new girl’s school in Yerushalayim, geared for chutz la’aretz families in eretz yisroel. Founded by the Weiss Family of Los Angeles, Bnos Chaya Pessel fills the void for so many seeking a school for their daughters that understands their needs and culture without compromising on the special chinuch that Eretz Yisroel has to offer. With an intense focus on yiras shamayim and middos tovos, Bnos Chaya Pessel is succeeding in being mechanech the next generation of yiddishe mames  in Yerushalayim. The hallways of Bnos Chaya Pessel exude happiness and warmth, with smiling children teeming in the hallways and classrooms, learning, and growing as they should.

Run by experienced and dedicated mechanchos and teachers, Bnos Chaya Pessel provides a top-notch education in both Kodesh and Chol studies along with an up to par English curriculum as well.  Today, families from chutz la’aretz can remain in Eretz Yisroel yet feel comfortable with the school to which they send.

In addition to the children’s education, Bnos Chaya Pessel features a parent-body program, creating a community of sorts for mothers who otherwise live far from family. With events and programs throughout the year, mothers of Bnos Chaya Pessel really feel like they belong to a kehilla, where people know who they are and care about them personally. It truly is a home away from home for parents and children alike! 

It's no wonder that the school is ‘bursting through its seams already! With over 100 students in its 2nd year, Bnos Chaya Pessel has outgrown its original premises and is now amidst construction for a beautiful new building. The new premises features large, beautiful classrooms, ample play space, offices, and a lunchroom- but we turn to you to help finish the project. Please cosider donating to our building campaign and partner with us as we Build the Future of klal yisroel.

In the zchus of your generosity, may you be zoiche to see nachas from your families in good health.