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Chana = Worth Every Donation  


Covid -19 has hit Chana hard with clients in crisis as fertility clinics closed their doors and all treatments were suspended.  Chana has been working tirelessly to maintain a high level of support for couples at every stage of their fertility journey, through their helpline, online counselling sessions and virtual support groups.  


With our annual fundraising events now cancelled and the cost of privately funded treatments rising, alongside NHS provision for fertility services at an all-time low: your help is needed more than ever to support our vital services and secure our future.  

There absolutely will be life after this pandemic, only for some this is harder to create than for others.  


Chana’s 786th baby was born in the middle of lockdown, and this news makes the charity even more determined to be there for all those longing for a baby, now and in the future.   


Please be part of this new life, by donating and helping more couples take home the greatest gift of all. 

Chana in numbers  


1 in 6 couples experience infertility. 

For over 27 years, Chana has been giving emotional, practical and financial support to Jewish couples struggling with fertility issues. 

786 babies have been born to Chana clients. Instantly turning 1576 couples into parents and bringing joy to over 3000 grandparents. 

In 2019 Chana looked after 163 clients.   

Our team of 14 qualified psychotherapists provided 2462 hours of bespoke counselling and therapy and in addition spent 580 hours answering urgent queries via the free telephone Helpline.  

Our in-house Scientific Advisor spent 436 hours liaising with Chana’s Medical Advisory Panel; 27 of the UK’s leading fertility specialists and health care professionals: all ensuring clients are accessing the best possible course of treatment.   

Chana does not receive any government funding, relying totally on private donations. It can cost couples well over £28,000 to have the baby they long for.