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The miracle of life is the greatest gift you can give.  More ...

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The miracle of life is the greatest gift you can give. 

Over the last 30 years, Chana has helped bring over 900 babies into the world – that equates to a baby every 2 weeks. This remarkable achievement is the result of Chana’s expertise covering every aspect of the complex fertility journey and solving many medical, emotional, halachic and financial challenges.

We at Chana are currently supporting over 350 couples still waiting for the baby they long for. Rising inflation and the soaring costs of fertility treatments have made Chana’s role more crucial than ever.

It is by no means an easy process, but the team at Chana is determined to find a solution to the many complex fertility challenges that couples within our community face. We cannot do this without your support. It has been almost two years since our last campaign and with no government funding, we are completely reliant on your donations.

It costs Chana £1.2 million annually to help Jewish couples struggling with infertility to start their family.

With your help we can solve the fertility challenge together.


During our campaign on December 10th –11th, all you need to do is donate via the Charity Extra website or over the phone.

Thank you from all of us at Chana