Beis Chaya Rochel
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Beis Chaya Rochel

Beis Chaya Rochel (BCR) was founded in August 1998 in response to the great demand for places in existing English Seminaries, by girls wishing to further their Jewish Education. The Seminary began with 69 pioneer students. Currently, the  number of students has grown significantly to over 200, comprising representatives from England and throughout the world. It truly is an international Seminary. 

Times change and situations differ. It is very possible that at one time, girls could face the future and build true Jewish homes armed with the education and inspiration gained from their parental home. In a protected environment, in a stable world, there might have been no need for formal   further education out of the home.

Today’s age is certainly different. The advance of technology has been paralleled by a downward spiralling of morality; and increasingly, Jewish values stand alone against a world where anything goes. The years from which a girl leaves school, to the time that she is ready to contemplate marriage, are perhaps the most vulnerable in her life. The need to be protected and inspired in a Torah-rich environment has never been more pronounced.