Beis Yisroel Manchester
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Beis Yisroel Manchester

Beis Yisroel is a young, vibrant, growing and family orientated Shul, which is conveniently located between Prestwich and Salford, in the Manchester Jewish Cultural Centre. 

Being so centrally located, our members come from a wonderful variety of backgrounds, walks of life and differing viewpoints, with one critical common denominator – we are all united by the desire to have a serious and friendly place to daven and learn.

Such a desire begins at the very top from our Rov, Rabbi Sofer Shlita, who provides a variety of Shiurim throughout the week. 

Additionally, many of the local Rabboinim give daily or weekly Shiurim. In addition to these wide array of Shiurim, Omud Yomi, Daf Yomi and Dirshu Yomi, there are also multiple nightly chaburim, attended by members of the Manchester Kehillo at large, for those wishing to learn B’Chavrusa as part of a larger group. Of course, the Beis Medrash is open to those who prefer to learn on their own schedules.