Beis Hamedrash Shaarei Mordechai
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Beis Hamedrash Shaarei Mordechai

Beis Hamedrash Shaarei Mordechai was established nearly 30 years ago in Prestwich North Manchester as a Minyan of Alumni from Gateshead Yeshiva wishing to daven Nusach Askenaz.

It started in a private house with 9 members, and for the last eleven years has occupied its own purpose-built Shul which is one of the largest in Manchester and boasts over 150 Members and their families.

It is privileged to have as its Rov, Reb Leibish Rabinowitz Shlit”a, the son of the Biala Rebbe Shlit”a.

The Shul plays host to a number of different Kollelim and Chaburas as well as a recently formed Yeshiva.

It also owns a function Hall for the local young families to hold their Simchas at an affordable price.