Beis Midrash Avreichim
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Beis Midrash Avreichim

Welcome to the new permanent Beis Midrash Avreichim - Manchester donation page
This page has been set up to accept all the various types of donations that you may want to make during the course of the year. 
These include donations in regard to:
* Membership & seats
* עליות
* Any נדבות
* יום טוב עליות
* Any other צדקה collections the Shul may make during the course of the year
We hope that this page will make it far quicker and easier for all Mispallelim and Members to donate to the Beis Hamedrash, however, should you require any assistance, a member of the Committee can always be contacted in the normal manner. 
Wishing you and your families a כתיבה וחתימה טובה and a forthcoming year full of בריאות, נחת and פרנסה.
The Rov shlita, Gabboim and Committee