Borehamwood Kollel
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Borehamwood Kollel

Borehamwood Kollel is Dayan Ehrentreu שליט״א’s dream and creation. His vision of a Mokom Torah was the establishment of a high-quality Kollel in the heart of Borehamwood. Two years later, the Kollel has acquired a name as a premier Torah centre. The chaburah is led by R' Yehuda Boruch Lieberman and has grown from ten yungeleit who moved to Borehamwood to over twenty learning every day. 

The Kollel has a direct focus on training the Avreichim for when they leave the Kollel so that they can serve as excellent Mechanchim, Rabonim Mekarvim and Marbitzey Torah. A new Torahdike community is slowly establishing itself in an area that can provide more affordable housing for young families.

The Kollel has become a hub for Torah learning attracting over 60 people in the community in weekly learning, shiurim and programmes. 

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Borehamwood Torah Centre | Registered Charity Number 1185533 | Lloyds Bank | Sort Code: 30-98-97 | Account Number: 8081-4260