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You can use this page to donate towards your place at the 2022 Chana Ladies Brunch. The suggested donation per seat is £100. It promises to be a very special morning, with delicious food, heart-warming speakers and a chance to hear, first-hand about Chana and the people they have helped along the years. If you haven't already, please complete the RSVP form on our website at


For over 29 years, Chana has been giving emotional, practical and financial support to Jewish couples struggling with infertility. 
To-date over 845 Chana babies have been born with our help, turning 1,600 clients into parents and bringing joy to over 3,000 grandparents. Chana does not receive any government funding, relying totally on private donations and it can cost couples well over £28,000 to have the baby they long for. 
Couples need our help more than ever due to reduced services, longer waiting times, the increasing cost of treatment and no way of knowing how long these circumstances will last.   
Please support our life-changing work by donating now, so we can continue to be there for couples longing for a baby. 

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