Eema Care
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Eema Care

Eema Care supports and empowers single mothers and their children to overcome life's challenges

Who are we? 

Eema Care supports single mothers and their children. Supporting and empowering them to overcome life's challenges. Whether through divorce or bereavement, facing life on their own is a first, for many of our mothers. With the cost of living crisis they need our help now more than ever. 

Community impact 

This campaign will help to expand our core activity, enable us to put on more programs, increase engagement and provide financial management advice to single mothers. It will take our services to another level, giving the support and guidance single mothers and their children desperately need.   

Single mothers and their children will have more opportunities to come together in a warm and friendly environment to relax, have fun, feel reassured and supported, helping their mental health, stability and financial situation.  

Helping to combat loneliness and day to day struggles, our events will provide guidance and advice for mothers as well as fun and engaging programs. Through our events we also provide the children with entertainment, and time for them to be children without the stresses and hardship they are having to deal with at home. They will also provide hot meals and a warm and calming space. 

Funding will be focused on the most critical and urgent cases to ensure those most in need are supported. 

Anyone can be affected by crisis and overwhelming challenges: poverty, trauma, bereavement, abuse, mental health issues, and vulnerability. For a single mum, these issues are magnified minefield. 

Why your help is needed? 

The number of people coming to Eema Care for support is rising quickly. Many of the people asking for our support are first-time service users: savings and resilience exhausted, challenges growing, and hope ebbing away as they teeter on the edge.  

Anyone can be affected by unexpected events or hidden problems: crisis, loss, insecurity and mental health challenges. Single mothers in our community are struggle more than most, they have no one to turn to for guidance and support. They are living day by day not knowing how they will be able to afford to put food on the table for their children or how they will pay for childcare costs and rising energy bills.  

The difference you can make 

With your support, our services help single mothers and their children in our community who are lives are a living nightmare,  whether it's at tipping point or deeply rooted challenges.  We provide wellbeing and essentials for living: food, warmth and safety; access to support through advocacy, advice and referral; and we are there for people, so they don't struggle alone, helping them to recover and thrive once again. We help single mothers take back control of their lives, their wellbeing, their finances and their safety.  Much of our support is community funded by people helping people.  Anyone can be affected - everyone can help. So please join us by giving the gift of safety, security and a chance for a brighter future for these mothers and their children.