Gur Shtiebel
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Gur Shtiebel

"SHTEEBEL TZEIRIM LONDON", rings a bell for many of us.
Its not just another shul, its a community of 50 men seeking to grow together.
Its not just a place where the individuls come solely and pray, its a place where each member looks out for each other offering them all they need.
Whether its someone it the need of a study partner, a job for work, or a house to rent, or even if its just for a loan when ones in need.
So now this community has come together after 3 years of going from one property to the next for a temporary shul, and have decide that "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"!! We can NO LONGER CARRY ON like this.
ITS TIME to move into our OWN PROPERTY, where we would no longer have to live in boxes.
ITS TIME to have a peacefull location where our kollel & working members could learn,as we embrace every indinvidial that looks to strive.
ITS TIME time that each member should have a place in shul, and not have to stand in the kitchen or on the corridor out of lack of space.
ITS TIME to have peacefull location where our kollel could learn and for the individuals working partners too after a hard day at work, as we embrace every style and type that looks to strive.
So now we reach out to you dear donors, Please grant us our only chance of settling into our OWN SHUL.
We need your generous donation to be able to continue on our holy journey.

May hashem grant you back all good, with loads of health, wealth and nachas plenty, till 120.
Thanking you in advance for your generous donation.