Hatzola Herts
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Hatzola Herts

Hatzola Herts is an emergency medical response service and responder network based in the local community for the local community.

It is a fast and free service staffed by trained, equipped and professionally supported volunteers who are funded by charitable donations.

We are proud and honoured that the London Beth Din have agreed to provide Halachic guidance and help ensure we represent Jewish Values through the services we provide.

Our volunteers could be serving you at the deli counter, working at a local bookkeeping practice or they could be a community leader, but when the call comes in they will drop what they are doing and run to save a life.

Not everyone can make such a commitment, but everyone has a part to play. The Rabbi’s taught us that “one who saves one life is considered as though one has saved the entire world.” This is your chance to save the world one life at a time.