Yeshivas Heichal HaTorah
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Yeshivas Heichal HaTorah

So many of today’s Roshei Yeshiva, Dayanim, Magidei Shiur, community Rabbis, m’karvim, seminary founders and mashpi’im who share a common beginning. They launched into “making a difference in Klal Yisroel” after spending several critical years learning under Harav Zvi Kushevelsky Shlit”a , Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshivas Heichal HaTorah.

For close to five decades, the Rosh Yeshiva would personally travel 7 times a year to collect and has never hired a professional fundraiser to do all the work for him.

Now he can’t travel at all due to the current situation and the danger this presents to him. But the expenses are still there and the need is now greater than ever before:

  • There are currently 153 talmidim in yeshiva: 95 Bochurim and 58 avreichim, who alongside the 30 staff members and their families, depend on the Rosh Yeshiva for their monthly pay-check
  • The annual expenditure of the Yeshiva is $1.1m
  • No talmid has never been turned away because he couldn’t pay tuition and the Rosh Yeshiva never pays late, not to mention skipping a payment. If there is not enough money available, he pays from his own personal money. The Rosh Yeshiva cannot travel to collect now; you can help ensure that the Yeshiva continues to function and mold talmidei chachomim of stature.

Many world-renowned Roshei Yeshiva/KollelDayanim, Rabbonim, Mechanchim and Mekarvim learnt in the Yeshiva.  Additionally, alumni have set up renowned Kollelim in Dallas, Borehamwood, Amsterdam, Odessa, Gibraltrar and Los Angeles.

As Jews, our greatest treasure is our Torah. Our rarest asset amongst our people is a Talmid Chochem who ignites a love of Torah in talmidim and gives them the skills to teach others to embrace Torah learning and avodas Hashem. Rav Zvi Kushelevsky Shlit’a is one of these rare gems. Your support is critical in helping the yeshiva develop thousands more future Bnei Torah.