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In Touch

A disabled child is a mortgage for life. In Touch was established in 1999 to offer guidance and support to families of children with special needs.  We recognise the confusion, isolation and stigma that these families face, and our services enable the parents and siblings to surf their waves of daily challenge. We offer educational seminars, retreats, getaways, workshops and fun days out.  Our programmes cater to families caring for disabled children across the full spectrum of disabilities.

Through InTouch’s activities, the barriers of stigma and seclusion melt away as the families create new friendships, have fun days out, network and share tips with those who understand them most.  The physical and emotional support gained, as well as the much needed respite, imbues them with strength, encouragement, and motivation to combat their daily challenges.

We are based in London and our membership currently numbers 300, with members from London, Manchester, and Gateshead.

We are nearing our 22nd year since the inception of In Touch, and the constant positive feedback, and renewed memberships reinforces that our organisation is not only appreciated, but a vital necessity.