Kollel Ateres Moshe
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Kollel Ateres Moshe

Over 20 years ago כולל עטרת משה was founded in ירושלים by הגאון ר׳ צבי Goldblum שליט״א formerly of NW London and a תלמיד of Brisk under ר׳ יושר בער זצוק״ל. The כולל was established by request of english Yungerleit to have their very own מקום תורה in ירושלים.

The concept proved very successful and had tremendous הצלחה under R’ Zvi.

The Rosh Chabura of many years HoRav Shmuel Kaufman שליט״א took over the leadership of the Kollel some three years ago.

HoRav Shmuel is the son of the late Manchester Rosh HaKollel הגאון הצדיק ר׳ וופצי קאופמן זצוק״ל. R Shmuel learnt in Gateshead Yeshiva followed by Ponevezh under הגאונים ר׳ שך ור׳ דוד פברסקי זצ״ל. He is renowned as a Talmid chochom with a soft nature caring for all the needs of the Yungerleit. 

כולל עטרת משה have learnt through many מסכתות putting a stress on both סוגיית בעיון and הלכה together with a סדר מוסר which in turn leads to a blend of תורה and יראה together. The Yungerleit have also learnt and had בחינות on יורה דעה and received סמיכה from many of the outstanding רבנים in א״י. The current Yungerleit are a select Chabura of serious Talmidei Chachomim with great Cheshkas Hatorah.

Dozens of מרביצי תורה across England are alumni including רבנים, מגידי שיעורים, ראשי חבורה and many קודש Mechanchim. They will attest their שטייגען and becoming תלמידי חכמים to כולל עטרת משה which has been an example of התמדה, ליגען אין לערנאן together with יראת שמים.

When the כולל was established the funds were solely underwritten by R’ Zvi שליט״א for many years; however, this changed after some time. R’ Shmuel Kaufman שליט״א took on the עול of raising the necessary funds for the כולל. This coincided with the first year after his illustrious father’s פטירה so it was taken on as an עילוי לנשמתו הטהורה. 

בברכה ותפילה להצלחת כבוד התורה

הנהלת כולל עטרת משה