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Keren Shabbos provides food to over 428 local NW London families, including over 990 children. Now in our 23rd year, we distribute chicken, fish and meat and a range of fresh fruit and vegetables and eggs including daily milk deliveries to hundreds of local families each week.

Over the past couple of years, due to the economic impact and food price increases across the globe, we have seen increased demand for Keren Shabbos’s services. More families have been added to our distribution list and we have had to increase the food supplies we regularly distribute. We work with people and families in the community who are financially challenged including unemployed, single parents, old and vulnerable and offer assistance for in-between jobs.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are entirely staffed by a strong team of long standing professional volunteers. This keeps our overheads down to the absolute minimum and ensures that any funds received are maximized and used directly for our food distribution.

We are turning to the community now for assistance to ensure that we can continue this vital work.

Our projected budget over the next twelve months is £1.6 million.

Your donation will make an enormous difference!

Facts and Figures:

  • 428 Families 
  • 990 Children 
  • Existing budget is £1,540,800
  • Projected budget for the next 12 months factoring in increased family uptake and food price increases is in excess of £1.6 million
  • The cost of an average family per annum is £3,600

Areas Covered:

  • Borehamwood WD6
  • Edgware HA8
  • Finchley N2
  • Hendon NW4
  • Golders Green NW11

Testimonials from families benefiting from Keren Shabbos.

Open Letter 1

Dear Community

There aren't adequate words to fully express our immense gratitude towards Keren Shabbos. Thanks to them, the shelves in our fridge are now stocked with healthy food and we can go to sleep at night feeling relieved that our children are eating nutritious meals. Keren Shabbos has changed our household from tension to a feeling of calmness.

Hashem should bless the incredible people involved in this organisation with Shefa Brocho...

Open Letter 2

"Every day, KS makes an impact in our home. Without Keren Shabbos, I wouldn't be able to give my children a normal life. I really couldn't imagine life without them. They help me to survive and give my children the essentials that they need. What is so nice in addition to this is that their kind service is so discreet. I can feel like a "normal" person when I go shopping because even though we struggle, no one needs to know that. In a discreet manner we are given choices for our family every month. For us to be able to have Keren Shabbos in our lives is truly a blessing from above. We all do the best that we can in the circumstances that we are in. On this note, Thank-You to all of the wonderful people who take out of their time/day to help others thrive and survive without being judgemental. Please donate to this worthy cause. It truly makes a BIG difference to us!! 

Open Letter 3

Dear Generous Donors,

To say thank you is a massive understatement in comparison to the depth of my gratitude. We literally wouldn't be able to manage Yomtov or every Shabbos without the incredible help we receive from Keren Shabbos. It is a blessing being able to give to ones family without counting out every piece of food or being worried they may ask for seconds. I can truly say what you enable Keren Shabbos to give us makes such a difference to every Shabbos and Yom Tov. I do not know who you or the donors are but I bless you and ask Hashem to look after your every need, as you look after other people's needs.

Thank you and thank you.

May you always be blessed to continue your life changing giving 

Open Letter 4 

Dear all

I am a widow with young children and I would like to say that the support of Keren Shabbat is invaluable.  I could not have managed to function over the last few years if it were not for their dedication and guidance.  They have been by my side every step of the way to help ensure that my family are provided for whilst at the same time, keeping our dignity. Thank you so much for being there for us during the sad times and also for good occasions.  Your help is very much appreciated and I am grateful for everything that you do.  I wish you organisation good luck and hatzlacha fir the future and may you all continue to do this amazing work.

Please step up to the plate and help us to help others.

With our deepest gratitude,

The Keren Shabbos Team. 

Charity Number – 1091245

Contact us at -  

Bank Details
Charity Name – Community Concern London T/A Keren Shabbos
Charity Number: 1091245
CAF Bank, 25 Kings Hill Ave, Kings Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 4JQ.
Acc Number: 00091640
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