Kollel Kinyan HaShas
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Kollel Kinyan HaShas

Kollel Kinyan HaShas was established almost 7 years ago due to the very needed solid framework to learn through מסכתות in ש"ס thoroughly from cover to cover, giving the Yungerleit an opportunity to gain over time בעז"ה an encyclopedic knowledge of ש"ס.

The serious commitment of the חברי הכולל to the סדרים, complemented by monthly חזרות and בחינות as well as a special custom-designed קנין מסכתא Chazoro program, all contribute to the clarity the Yungerleit have acquired in theמסכתות  learnt.

Recently, the Kollel has developed further by inviting the wider community to the new "קונה עולמו" Chabura initiative, and be a part of the inspiring atmosphere of ,בית המדרש החדש and this vibrant Kollel and it's unique structured program.

Email: kinyanhashas@gmail.com