Kollel Kinyan HaShas
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Kollel Kinyan HaShas

כולל קנין הש"ס was established 5 years ago as a solid framework to learn מסכתות in ש"ס thoroughly from ‘cover to cover’, giving the Yungeleit an opportunity to gain over time an encyclopaedic knowledge of ש"ס.

Since its inception the כולל has been זוכה to learn through מסכת יומא, מסכת ברכות, מסכת שבת, ביצה מסכת and is now בס"ד in the depth of  עירובין מסכת.

The serious commitment of the חברי הכולל to the סדרים, complemented by monthly חזרות and בחינות all contribute to the clear grasp the Yungeleit have acquired in the מסכתות  learnt.

As part of the inspiring atmosphere of ,בית המדרש החדש this unique חבורה which began with a small group of 6 has קע"ה expanded and developed into a vibrant and incredible מקום תורה.