Kollel LeHoroah
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Kollel LeHoroah

Kollel LeHoroah Manchester was set up by Harav Shmuel Halpern – a Talmid of the illustrious Beis Din of Hagaon Harav Shmuel Wosner Zatzal – to assist its Avreichim to go out into the world capable of accurately paskening any sheilos that come their way.
Kollel LeHoroah, having already completed a cycle of Yoreh Deoh, including Niddoh, Issur V’heter and Ribbis, is currently half way through Hilchos Shabbos and humbly attributes its success to the careful planning and relentless execution of the Kollel’s rigorous learning schedule.
With the zchus of your donation, may we all witness the arrival of the Yom Shekuloi Shabbos and greet Moshiach today!