Kimu V'Kiblu Manchester
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Kimu V'Kiblu Manchester

Kollel Kimu Vekiblu is the first Purim Kollel of its kind in the UK.

On the Holy day of Purim, hundreds of Yungerleit, businessmen and bochrim are being mekadesh sheim shomaim.

At the crack of dawn, they awaken.

After an inspiring shacharis and megillah, they enjoy a delicious breakfast.

And then, they open their seforim and the shteiging begins.

Few people realise that time’s passing.

Because the learning is so enthralling.

The sound of Torah increases and the hall becomes a wellspring of Torah, and nachas ruach to Hakodas Boruch Hu.

One yearly participant describes the event,

“The joy in the air is so real and so beautiful. The atmosphere’s electric. There’s a bren. A fire. A frishkeit.”

At 9:30am, the Seder Limud’s over. 

But the inspiration?

It’s there to stay.

These incredible individuals feel uplifted and energised, ready to utilise Purim to its fullest.

This is what happened last year.

5773: Over 300 people were shteiging early Purim morning.

And this coming year - 5774?

It’s happening again.

For the 7th time, Kollel Kimu V'kiblu will be injecting big zechusim into Manchester and beyond.

Please donate generously to this worthy cause.

May Hashem bench you with kol mishalos libcho letovah.

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