Kollel Zichron Shaul
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Kollel Zichron Shaul

For 25 years, Kollel Zichron Shaul has been a thriving Mokom Torah u’Tefilla, a gleaming jewel set into the crown of Gateshead’s Mosdos HaTorah. Opened in memory of Rav Shaul Cohen, a brilliant and humble Talmid Chacham who passed away at the young age of 39 without offspring, it is a living representation of all that he stood for.

With much Siyata Dishmaya, the Kollel has flourished over the years and currently has 24 Avreichim of exceptional calibre and has gained international fame as a foremost Mokom Torah. Its alumni occupy positions in communities and institutions around the world as RabbonimMechanchim and in the field of Kiruv Rechokim.

The Kollel premises also serve the Gateshead Kehilla as a central place for Torah u’Tefilla, hosting a pre-shacharis Kollel, and a succession of minyonim for ma’ariv every day until late at night.

It is only with the help of its loyal supporters that Kollel Zichron Shaul is able to prosper. We therefore ask that you donate generously. In this zechus, you should have continued good health, nachas and success in all your endeavours.

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