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Yeshivas Luzern Canvey Island - ישיבת לוצערן קענווי איילענד

The Yeshivas Ohel Yitzchok Luzern Canvey Island (UK) which was founded in the memory of our great Rosh yeshivah Reb Yitzchok Dov Koppelman zt”l who was Rosh yeshivah in Luzern for close to 60 years and now his son Harav Reb Moshe serves as Rosh yeshivah in Canvey Island for close to 100 Bucherim from around the globe.
The Rosh Yeshivah together with a dedicated staff of great תלמידי חכמים accompany each Bucher making sure to bring each Bucher to a higher level in Torah and avodes Hashem.
Being that the Yeshivah is based out of town where the Bucherim have to reside throughout the Zeman the yeshivah caters for all the bochurim's needs,
but as the saying goes אם אין קמח אין תורה and being that Our budget far exceeds the parental contributions, we kindly ask you to donate to help us continue this vital work.
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Name: Friends Of Yeshiva Luzern
Sort Code: 20 44 22
Account Number: 7051 6651
(Reg Charity 1118086)

IBAN GB38 BUKB 2044 2270 5166 51