MBD Community Mikva
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MBD Community Mikva

The Manchester Community Mikva was one of the first post war mikvas to be built in Europe. In 1954 Dayan Weiss z'l (the then Av Beis Din of Manchester Beis Din) and the MBD led a campaign to revive the important Mitzvah of going to Mikva (In halocha a Mikva is more important than building a shul). Eventually after many months of planning and fund raising the first community mikva opened on Tetlow Lane. To this day all the hiddurim and chumros as written in the famous 'Minchas Yitzchok' responsa of Dayan Weiss have been intacked at the Manchester Community Mikva on Tetlow Lane. The Tetlow Lane Mikva has been the blue print for most other Mikvas in the world all wanting to implement the hiddurim and chumros of Dayan Weiss z'l.