Kollel Mishmeres Chaim
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Kollel Mishmeres Chaim

In the winter of 2015 Kollel Mishmeres Chaim was founded in Manchester by Rabbi YL Altusky, to prerpituate the legacy of his renowned grandfather Harav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg zatzal and to provide a place for young serious aspiring avreichim to learn mesechtas cover to cover down to the practical halocha - שמעתתא אליבא דהילכתא. It is the only such Kollel in Manchester with this program. There are bi weekly chazoras along with tests and weekly chaburas from the avreichim. The Kollel members have mastered mesechtos Brochas and Succah and are about to embark on mesechtas Pesochim.


The Nosi Hakollel is Rabbi Shmuel Goldberg shlita, Rov of Shteible דמשק אליעזר Prestwich, who also gives monthly schmoozen to the avreichim.


Step inside the back Beis Hamedrash in HaChodosh and you will you will feel the current of the tremendous ריתחא דאורייתא created by the lively and passionate learning בהתמדה that takes place there.


The Kollels monthly budget has always been a struggle and now, coupled with the current situation the Kollel has no choice but to turn to you for your vital support.


Support Mishmeres Chaim and connect to Rav Scheinberg's legacy.

This is the only מקום תורה in Europe dedicated in his memory.


Give Rav Scheinberg's נשמה a נחת רוח and he will certainly be a מליץ יושר for you and your families.

Support חיים של תורה and receive חיים של ברכה