Mechinoh L'Yeshiva
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Mechinoh L'Yeshiva

The Mechionh L'Yeshiva high school was started by the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva and he was very much involved in the Mechinoh until he was nifter. The Mechinoh continues to be mechanch and educate over 70 boys giving them the life skills and foundations so that they succeed in Yeshiva and beyond. 


The Rosh HaMechinoh is Rav Noach Baddiel shlita who has led the school for 30 years,  together with a team of Mechanchim and teachers who are all Bnei Torah. The School has a fantastic reputation with demand outgrowing the current classrooms. 


Your kind donation and support will enable us to continue being mechanech our Talmidim and help the school expand to cater for the Kehiloh. 


Many thanks and good shabbos 


Mechinoh School