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No one can ever replace a parent. The gaping hole will remain forever. Our aim is to bring some light to young children, teens and families who have unfortunately been through the loss of a parent. This includes Yom Tov gifting, trips, eat outs, a big buddy mentoring program, Sem & Yeshiva packages, therapy referrals and support, financial grants and more.
Our exclusive magazines are a place where our participants can share their own stories and feelings with others who can relate to the pain and truly understand. Similarly, the kids find one of their greatest challenges is being “different” to their friends and classmates. Our trips and events create a space where everyone can feel safe since we are all in it together.
The whole concept of Mekimi is bittersweet: sweet because of the joy we bring the families but bitter because of the need for it. Mekimi means “you raised me up”, our aim is to raise the spirits of these children and families especially at Yom Tov time which can be so painful.
At the time of tragedy many people are on hand to come to a shivah and while that is commendable the journey of grief really begins the week after when sadly most people have forgotten and moved on with their own lives. This is where we come in.
Having each lost a parent at a young age, we understand the daily struggle and needs and can empathize and offer the support needed. We service London, Manchester and Gateshead however our core goal is to only grow in quality and not in quantity Bezras Hashem.
The Medrash in Devorim 16:11 is well known.
"אמר הקב"ה: אם אתה משמח את שלי, אני משמח את שלך"
Hashem said: “If you bring joy to my children, I will bring joy to yours”. We genuinely believe that it is a privilege to join us and be a part of this wonderful project. So please open your heart and give generously.