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About Misaskim NW

We set up 9 years ago to offer practical and physical support for families who have רח״ל suffered a bereavement.

Misaskim NW has since progressed into a vital community organisation. 
We work hand-in-hand and assist the local Chevra Kadishas.

Misaskim NW team of volunteers are available 24/6 to assist in any way possible to alleviate the burden on the family at the time of a bereavement.

Some of our services include:

  • Arranging Shmira
  • Levaya setup
  • Online Levaya Broadcast
  • Shiva House set up
  • Levaya & Shiva signs broadcast
  • Arranging Minyanim at Levaya & Shiva Houses
  • Assisting in cremation prevention
  • Assisting מתי מצוה to קבורת ישראל

    Purposely built;
  • Shmira - viewing room.
  • Stock - storage area.
  • Holding facilities.

Bank Details:
Account Name: Misaskim - Sort: 40-03-02 - Acc: 81685791
Charity Name: Misaskim - Charity Number: 1160196

For any enquiries please be in touch with our office.

T: 0300 111 0333  E: info@misaskimnw.org W: www.misaskimnw.org