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North West London Eruv

The North West London Eruv was the first eruv in the UK. It has helped transform shabbat for observant Jewish people.


Shabbat is a day set apart by Jewish law from the working week. Family time and spiritual pursuits are emphasised and weekday activities associated with work are prohibited.


Our Jewish religious code spells out the Shabbat restrictions. For example, carrying and pushing wheelchairs, prams and baby buggies are only permitted in homes, private gardens and community areas. An eruv is a boundary recognised by Jewish law, within which these activities are permitted.


The North West London Eruv enables many thousands of Jewish people living in the area to enjoy shabbat to the full.

Eruvim are especially helpful to families with young children who want to use a pram or baby buggy outside their home on Shabbat and to people who use a wheelchair or walking frame. Others will find it useful to be able to carry house keys, reading glasses or books to a shiur.


The Charity needs to raise money each year for the maintenance of the boundary equipment and for regular weekly inspections and repairs.