Orach Chaim Foundation
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Orach Chaim Foundation

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, the historic hotbed of fanatic anti-Semitism, the breeding ground for pogroms. Kiev, the city where 35,000 Yidden were murdered in one and a half days on Yom Kippur at Babi Yar while the locals looked the other way.


In 1990, during the collapse of the Soviet Union, Orach Chaim Foundation was established to provide Jewish kehilla life and education to tens of thousands of Yidden who were deprived of their rich illustrious heritage.


Today, Orach Chaim Foundation includes a Jewish day school for boys and girls, a cheder, yeshiva, kollel, community centre, student centre, mikvaos, the Machane Shuva summer camp, orphanage for boys and girls, old age home, welfare programs and a matza bakery to provide for the entire Ukraine & former Soviet Union.


The kehilla and its mosdos rely on donations from friends and supporters around the world, including us here in the UK.


Please generously lend your support to enable the kehilla's vibrant activities to continue all year round.


We thank you for your support and friendship.