Ohr Yisroel
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Ohr Yisroel

Kolel Erev Ohr Yisroel is situated in the heart of Prestwich, Manchester. This vibrant group of motivated yungeleit come together every evening after an exhausting day, to shteig further, broadening their knowledge in shas and poskim.

Whilst many in the surrounding area are retiring for the day, this committed chabura plumbs the depths of the yam hatalmud, toiling tirelessly over each daf, permeating the entire neighbourhood with the kedusha and "ohr" of torah and causing an aura of Divine protection to envelop the immediate proximity and beyond.

Founded in 2014, the kolel is ably led by its dynamic Rosh hakolel R' Zev Cohen and Rosh chabura R' Yehoshua C. Cohen shlita. There is an emphasis on chazoro, a focus on halocho and chaburos are frequently presented.

Please donate generously to this worthy cause, thereby gaining a share in this incredible mokom torah.