Oraysa UK
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Oraysa UK

Oraysa UK is a division of Oraysa (USA).
This monumental program offers a platform with which people can learn Gemara in a goal oriented manner, covering ground in a realistic way, whilst retaining what they learn, providing a tremendous satisfaction in their learning.
The program is set at a manageable pace of one new amud a day, Sunday - Thursday,  reviewing the previous amud every day, with another chazara over Friday and Shabbos.
Members receive a daily email with multiple resources, and our user-friendly website is available for anyone to access these materials and more.
Additionally, members receive free calendars at the start of every new Masechta, and can avail themselves of our highly popular 'Yalkut' - a free monthly publication which is a collection of the daily resources compiled into a beautifully designed booklet. 
Optional, bi monthly tests with stipends are also a strong motivator for extra chazara and hundreds of members stand up to the challenge every fortnight, revelling in the satisfaction that accompanies retaining their learning.     
Shiurim, chaburos and chavrusos have been formed in almost every major community across the globe and it has made a tremendous impact on the lives of thousands of lomdim.
Oraysa UK aims to bring this program to as many people as possible across England, with representatives based in the UK who are passionate about setting up chaburos and chavrusos in their communities.
Your partnership in this tremendous harbatzas hatorah is greatly valued, and we deeply appreciate your support.