Our Kids First
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Our Kids First

Our vision and mission

Our mission is to guide and support families through divorce.

Our vision is to rebuild lives.

We believe that with a holistic, focussed and child-centred approach to divorce, there is hope for the future.

The central aim is to give children a better future - to put ‘Our Kids First’.

"The organisation helped us immensely by giving us direction and helped to solve many recurring challenges. I feel secure knowing that ‘Our Kids First’ are here and will do everything in their power to create peace and harmony."

Who we help

We support families from Jewish communities in the UK through their divorce journey. We support families with children and young people. We receive particular demand for our services in London, Manchester and Gateshead. Divorce impacts people from all sectors of the Jewish community and from all income levels. Our services are for everyone.

"Our Kids First has been a tremendous source of help and support while navigating the emotional and legal challenges (of divorce). After years of lonely struggle, this group of understanding and kind individuals has given me some hope and belonging in a world that at times appeared hopeless and dark."