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Support Podim, give a yid back their future

When a yid is arrested, especially in a hostile country, it’s a mortifying experience. If they’re incarcerated, even temporarily, with foreign delinquents, especially those who have never seen a Jew — or worse, despise one — their lives are in danger. Moreover, their religious needs are often not met, including basic food provisions. 

Prison is not a place for anyone, but it’s the furthest ideal for a yid. It can quickly take an emotional and spiritual toll and, as Klal Yisroel, it is our duty to remove them from there in the speediest manner.

Podim is an organisation dedicated to pidyon shvuyim for yidden everywhere. 

Directed by Dayan Weiss, who is world renowned across the globe for his unending efforts releasing yidden, he has the brilliant prowess and high-profile web of connections in even the most hostile countries, to be able to achieve his lifelong mission. Indeed, through his tireless devotion, he has succeeded in 167 cases, many of them which had slim chances.

Let the numbers talk:

27 heads of state, including from hostile countries, have been in direct contact with Podim. 

36 international lawyers have been directly involved in Podim cases.

44 countries have had Podim askonim carry out successful releases.

The Torah calls Pidyon shvuyim mitzvah rabbah (a great mitzvah), as captivity is viewed as even worse than starvation and death.

If saving a yid from death is considered saving the world, imagine the enormous merit you earn saving a yid from a situation deemed worse than death?

It’s a difficult mitzvah, not one for the fainthearted. And we’re not asking you to perform it. Instead, by supporting Podim’s sacred and critical mission, you enable us to carry out the delicate mitzvah on your behalf. 

Donate today and know you are giving a yid back their future.