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Relief exists to simplify the process of gathering mental and emotional health resource options for members of the Jewish community.



Relief’s acclaimed referral service is built upon an extensive database of qualified mental health professionals from across the country. Relief’s advisors identify appropriate providers based on criteria such as area of specialty, therapeutic technique and location. To date, Relief has directed thousands of individuals to mental health professionals ideally suited to their circumstances. Many of these individuals and their families would otherwise have suffered in silence.



Relief conducts seminars for educators and community leaders to familiarise them with behavioural patterns indicative of mental health disorders. In addition to this, Relief organises regular training sessions in schools to ensure that Staff are well equipped in handling mental disorders amongst pupils. Relief also invests in advertising in a variety of media outlets to ensure maximum exposure. 



Relief maintains contact with the callers and follows-up to see if they are comfortable with the caregiver and the course of treatment administered. We field any question or misgivings which patients or family members may be reluctant to pose to their doctor. As such, Relief often assumes the additional role of liaison between the mental health provider, patient, family members and clergy.