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RABBI MEIR BAAL HANESS Ahavas Zion Siebenburgen - Yerushalayim

Dear friend,

Kollel Rabbi meir baal hannes siebenbergen in Jerusalem Was founded in 1824 by the greatest gedolim of that generation. Today, just like then, it is renowned and universally respected for their many Torah institutions and kollelim and for their many acts of chesed and Tzedaka. They encompass several philanthropic institutions which provide assistance and support for Hachnosas kalla and housing for thepoor, as well as special relief and assistance for sick people and for women after child birth. They also provide interest-free loans to help people in need get back on their feet while maintaining their dignity and independence.

We ask you to extend your support to these noble institutions and become a partner in their holy work. In the zechus of your assistance and support of kollel Rabbi mier baal hannes, may you be blessed with shefa brocho and hatzlocho in all endeavours.

You can start earning zechusim today and benefit from the famous segula of tzedakah Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes By ordering  our proven TZEDAKAH BOX סגולה that has worked for thousands in miraculous ways. To receive your free tzedakah box, or your tzedakah box is full call now and we will come over to you.

PHONE: 020 8802 9517

Email: kstrmbh@gmail.com


The Trustees

of the rabbi meir baal haness

kolel siebenburgen trust

charity number: 277625

Gift aid: Recognised by HMRC


Main UK Address

9 Craven Walk
N16 6BS

NW London Address
53 Woodlands
NW11 9QS

Canvey Island Address
12 Hardys Way
Canvey Island

Manchester Address
306 Great Clowes Street
M7 2HD