Schneiders Kollel
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Schneiders Kollel

A link from the past: Rav Moshe Schneider Ztz”L spread Torah in his younger years in Memel, in Frankfurt with the bracho and encouragement from Maran Hachafetz Chaim Z’’l.
When he arrived in London in 1939 as a refugee from Germany, he immediately re-established the Yeshiva, producing Rabbonim and leaders in England and beyond. 
The present to the future:  The very same walls of the Yeshiva continue to resound with the words of Torah, as today’s Kollel, with a group of over 60 outstanding serious and motivated Avreichi Kollel learn in a unique Torah atmosphere on a high standard – producing our leaders of tomorrow.
Our annual budget has grown to over £350,000 and we depend on the generosity of our friends.

תזכו למצוות וזכות התורה וזכות רבינו זצוק''ל יעמוד לכם עד עולם ותתברכו בכל מילי דמיטב