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Shas Illuminated


For the past eight years, Shas Illuminated has been a vital and unique platform for anyone learning gemara.

Bringing together hand-picked maggidei shiur of the highest calibre from all over the globe, this invaluable project provides the opportunity to broaden, deepen and bring clarity to any sugya in Shas you may be learning. 

Whether you are journeying through shas with daf yomi or seeking to enhance your understanding of any sugya, Shas Illuminated provides ground-breaking, in-depth shiurim, suitable for all levels and styles of learning.

In addition, Shas Illuminated features shiurim on all topics, including Rabbi Moshe Brown’s Daf Yomi, Rabbi Tzvi Thaler’s Dirshu Mishna Berura shiur, Rabb Daniel Kalish’s mussar shiurim, Rabbi Nissan Kaplan, Rabbi Avrohom Krohn, Rabbi Aharon David, and tens of other speakers on all different topics.

Thank you so much for your support.

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