Shema B’ni
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Shema B’ni

After 25 years working in UK outreach Rabbi Reuven and Rebbetzen Elisheva Stepsky launched Shema B’ni in 2016 to fill the vacuum for an organisation dedicated and focused specifically on follow-up and support for Baalei Teshuva and their families.  Since its inception Shema B’ni has already engaged hundreds of people through its innovative and dynamic events, seminars and programmes.  The goal of Shema B’ni is to continue the incredible work that outreach organisations in the UK have started.  We provide a network of opportunities for Baalei Teshuva and their families to be connected, happy, knowledgeable and growing in their Jewish journey.

We are reliant on donations from the community to ensure that we can meet the growing demand for our services each year.

Please donate and help us continue our important work within the community 

To become a  Shema Bni Patron, sponsor a programme, or other dedication opportunities, please contact

We apricate your support encouragement and friendship 

Tzku Lmitzvos