Simcha Bimenucha
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Simcha Bimenucha

We launched a few days before Shavuos our new venture "Simcha Bimenucha" as a zechus for a refua shleima for Rebbetzin Chaitche Knopfler. Now that our beloved Rebbetzin has passed on to the Olam Hoemes, we are confident that everyone who so appreciates all Rebbetzin Knopfler has done for the whole London Kehilla and NW London in particular, will be keen to assist this new gemach.

Rebbetzin Knopfler was a role model of a devoted wife (to Harav Berel Knopfler Shlita, Rov of Sinai Beis Hamedrash and Rosh Yeshiva of Chayei Olam), and a wonderful mother to her large family. She was constantly looking to grow herself in all areas of avodas hashem and delighted in giving this over to others in her very popular shiurim and 1:1 advice.

Our plan is to assist young families in Eretz Yisroel, both of whom come from England, with the extra expenses which arise as a result of a simcha, either a new baby or a bar mitzva. We feel this is very specific as well as a much-needed area of assistance. 

How can you help?

You can either 'adopt' a family for £300 or give by direct debit a certain amount monthly.  A one-off donation of any amount will also be greatly appreciated.

The zechus of helping Klal Yisroel with simchos should be a zechus l’aliyas neshomo of Rebbetzin Chaitche bas Reb Efraim Zalman and at the same time be a segula for all of us to be zoche to asach simchas bemenucha.

Rebbetzin Rikky Dunner
Mrs Nomi Klor