The HelpLine
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The HelpLine

The HelpLine was established in 2019 in response to a couple of tragic suicides in our community and an increase in the amount of people struggling with their mental health. The HelpLine is a totally anonymous and confidential helpline that provides a safe space for callers to speak to highly trained volunteers and gives support to those most vulnerable who are unable to reach out to others for fear of being recognised. We understand that the fear of being recognised and possibly exposed is a contributing factor of people not reaching out even in great distress. On many calls, the first thing the caller asks is “is this totally anonymous?” Our goal is to empower the caller to get the right help whilst holding them on their journey until that time.

As a result of the way in which we operate, we have grown from being open limited hours a week to a national Jewish mental health lifeline, open 24/7 including on Shabbos and Yom Tov. The HelpLine currently has over 100 trained call handlers worldwide and receives between 1500 and 1800 calls and text conversations per month. The HelpLine has been instrumental in saving and bettering the lives of thousands in our community. We have a rigorous training program for our volunteers and provide regular Continuous Professional Development. We also provide regular guidance to all our volunteers to keep them updated on current topics.

Our mission is: Never Struggle Alone.