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Tomchai Torah Vuchesed - TTV

80 years ago, Taharas Ha'Mishpacha was founded by Rabbi Ephraim Zalmen Halpern with the encouragement and leadership of Rabbi Shlomo Goldman of Zvhil Zatza"l. After the passing of Reb Shlomo, fondly called Reb Shlom'ke, the Posek Ha'Dor Ha'Gaon Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, Zatza"l was president for twenty years. To date, Rabbi Mordechai Auerbach, Shlit"a has replaced his unforgettable father as president.


1150 Mikvah’s Already built by Taharas Ha'Mishpacha

2582 calls to Taharas Ha'Mishpachas hotline this past year requesting emergency repairs

4.5 Million Yidden who don’t live in frum enclaves are in need of a kosher mikvah

25 Mikvah’s presently under construction or renovation

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Telephone Number: 0204 541 1222

Correspondent Address  132 Gladesmore Road London N15 6TH

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Tomchai Torah Vuchesed -TTV