Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund
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Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund

We set up the Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund in memory of our beloved son Yeshaya Yishai  Z.L who passed away   23 years  ago at the age of 8 years ,12 days after having been run over just outside our home.
During his short lifetime "Shaya" made a profound impression on his teachers, family and friends due to his caring nature and his willingness to help those less fortunate than himself.
Our charity assists in a wide variety of fundraising projects as can be seen by the various categories on this page.The common denominator in all these projects are to provide funding for the relief of poverty and to assist in cases of financial hardship.
Apart from assisting in these projects we are committed to raising funds to provide grants  for special educational requirements such as extra tuition assessments and therapies.
Our main fundraising for these grants takes place around the time of Shayas Yahrzeit which is on the 28 Tammuz however donations are greatly appreciated  at any time.
We award grants in units of £300 and the annual demand is far greater than the amounts we are able to raise.
When donating from this page please use the category Yahrzeit Appeal
Please help us to provide as much help as possible and in that זכות may you have only great נחת from your families and הצלחה in all your endeavours