Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund
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Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund

We set up the Yeshaya Adler Memorial Fund in memory of our beloved son Yeshaya Yishai  Z.L who passed away   22 years  ago at the age of 8 years ,12 days after having been run over just outside our home.
During his short lifetime "Shaya" made a profound impression on his teachers, family and friends due to his caring nature and his willingness to help those less fortunate than himself.
The  purpose of our fund is to provide grants to people who have children enrolled in Gateshead educational institutions who require extra help in their learning or to provide therapies for learning disabled children. We also provide grants to provide professional assistance for people with psychological problems
Beneficiaries do not have to be resident in Gateshead but if not resident  they must be enrolled in a Gateshead educational institution.

Our goal is to be able to make an award of £300 to every applicant .
Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds however the demand always exceeds our resources
In the zechus of your generous donation may all those who are in need of a refuo Shlaimo merit it and may we soon witness ישועות ונחמות in כלל ישראל